Blendhub Corp. introduces the first Food Powder #CloudBlending hub for the Middle East

The company will reveal its new strong commitment to the Middle East

Blendhub Corp. is launching the first #CloudBlending hub for food powder in a workshop taking place the 1st of March in Dubai. Blendhub Corp., specialized in formulations and blending of food powder products, will reveal its strong commitment plans to the agri-food sector in the Middle East region during this event.

Food producers, raw material suppliers, formulators and other business partners in the industry of food powder blends in Middle East, will get introduced to a full-service solution based on a unique price per kg. service including blending and packaging, formulation and raw materials services.

Middle East food producers will see an opportunity to grow their business, reducing cost of production and improving production efficiency, with no investment needed and without operational and financial risks, always keeping the highest food safety standards.

On the other hand, for raw materials producers this pay-per-use model is a way to save costs and access to valuable data to optimize their supply chain. They will be also able to offer new business opportunities to their customers generating a bigger demand of existing or new products.

Meanwhile, formulators with a portfolio of recipes will have the opportunity to produce and commercialize them as an end product, increasing the rate of return and obtaining a steady income.

Finally, Blendhub Corp. is looking for business partners ready to explore new opportunities and grow in the Middle East agri-food market without CAPEX needed and maintaining the maximum quality standards.

Blendhub Corp. will show the 1st of March in Dubai how any player on the agri-food value chain can get benefits from this new business model: Food Powder #CloudBlending. To attend this event and discuss this new commitment of Blendhub Corp. in Middle East, just contact Blendhub Corp. in the section “Events” of this web site.


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