Join me in Dubai on March 1st to discover how the installation of Food Powder #CloudBlending Hubs will change the agri-food industry

Food powder blends have always been a major part of the food consumption worldwide – either consumed directly as a powder dispersed into a liquid or by being added into industrially prepared food, sold as a fresh or as long-life product.

During the last few years, Blendhub Corp. has prepared a completely new way of delivering food powder blends to the industry (B2B) and the consumers (B2C) in a unique end-to-end solution from raw materials to packed and delivered food products. And we are now inviting the entire food industry to participate in this important operational change without leaving any actual or new stakeholder outside. Our proposal is fully inclusive.

“INCLUSIVE” for us means that we do not only deliver food formulations based on our own IP, but also offer the possibility of delivering food formulations based on third party IP or just act as manufacturers for companies delivering their own IP food formulations to their factories or customers worldwide. All simply evaluated through a complete cost calculation which we call BlendAPP and which will demonstrate you the important cost reductions you can achieve for your actual and new food products when located in the right place. It will also give you a better understanding an understanding of how a more sustainable delivery platform will provide you and the final consumer with more affordable food products.


                        Food Powder #CloudBlending is a fast and reliable way of detecting and creating new business opportunities or implementing your business strategy avoiding those pains that reduce your competitiveness or make your brand’s global sales impossible.


At our event in Dubai, we will introduce you to our business model and reveal the localization of our new 2017 Food Powder #CloudBlending Hubs ready to host your food formulations and improve your overall cost calculation already this year.

Join me in Dubai and be the first to take advantage of the possibility of working with new food producers or consumers in locations where you have yet been unable to supply your food formulations in a competitive way.

Food Powder #CloudBlending is your opportunity to access to new markets without CAPEX/OPEX.

We have planned different sessions for our #CloudBlending introduction event starting at 10:00 am as well as an informal lunch to discuss how this concept can benefit your company and consumers in an individualized way.

Contact the Food Powder #CloudBlending Channel Manager at to confirm your attendance and receive information about the agenda and timetable of the event.

If you want to know more details about the Food Powder #CloudBlending event… This is just another reason to attend!

About Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Global food and food powder specialist being active since December 1985. I want to make food available more just and safer to more people in more places.

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