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It is a combination of talent and experience; between them they can achieve great challenges  and all of them know that they can do it better together than separately.

Blendhub Corp. and its companies are comprised of people who strive daily to apply corporate values in little things to meet great goals. Our working style and company, Blendhub Corp.’s culture, is open and is anywhere, as our tagline says. Hence, our teams are open and ready to move.

The Blendhub Corp.’s culture teaches us that it is healthy to want to grow and know to share success, and that when we do well, many people beyond our walls benefit from it: We call that ambition.

We are a young team who believe that our strategy is solid and realistic, and good for all- for our employees, but also for our customers, partners, collaborators, the environment, and the societies where we operate: We call this conviction. We also believe that there is always a better way of doing things, always looking to innovate in ways of working and results: We call that non-conformity. We care about reaching reliable results, about never letting down our guard and being attentive to the quality of everything we do: This is called rigor. And, of course, we understand that this all has to be accompanied by impeccable behavior with all those who come to us because this is what ensures sustainable and durable relationships: This is called honesty.

Our way of working is collaborative and we are willing to actively listen with an open mind; our commitment to growth is inclusive for all those people, companies, and Societies who share our values and our business vision.

Our team is used to working on a project basis and being proactive; the average age is about 32 years old, speaking one o more foreign languages, and eager to grow in such a complex sector as agri-food industry. Most people working in Blendhub Corp. share an interest in the social impact of the industry on people’s lives, and over the years we have all learned to becoming less hierarchical and rigid, more solidarity, participatory, and dialogical.

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About Blendhub Corp. Marketing

Blendhub Corp. is a group of companies becoming a reference of innovation and technology in the agri-food sector. We want to lead a change in the agrifood value chain that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places.