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Since 2014 Blendhub is working in a unique business model addressed to get its vision: leading a change in the agri-food value chain that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places.
For this purpose Blendhub has many strategic tools as its PPB processing plant, ready to be producing, blending and packaging anywhere in less than six months, or its full service platform, that offers anything needed to produce with high food safety, low costs, and low risk.
One of the growing strategic tools of Blendhub is its Professional Network, made out of people who believe what we believe, who share interests with us, who want to invest in something really innovative, or who have portfolio of high-value contacts in the agri-food sector. The relationship is articulated through an Agreement that for six months verifies the mutual value contribution between Blendhub and its networkers.
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About Blendhub Corp. Marketing

Blendhub Corp. is a group of companies becoming a reference of innovation and technology in the agri-food sector. We want to lead a change in the agrifood value chain that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places.