The aim is to provide, equal opportunities and employment conditions for all members of this organization, as well as to study and analyze all those proposals for people applying for any employment to the company.

This policy applies in all aspects of employment: selection, recruitment, training and development, compensation, and benefits, promotion, offboarding, etc.

Within equal opportunities, to guarantee that the company is as fair as possible, Blendhub is committed to managing the organization based on equity. This means that the way we manage our people. We give each member what they deserve, no more, no less, as well as treating everyone equally by taking into account their differences and respecting each one of them.

This company is comprised of people whom every day strive to apply corporate values to small things to achieve big objectives. By combining talent and experience, BH members can achieve significant challenges together. BH’s work style and company culture are transparent, and they are everywhere. For this reason, BH’s team is open and anywhere.

BH promotes an open-door policy, not just in HR, but also in every department, to improve communication and continuous improvement throughout the organization.

BH is anxious to grow in a such complex world. What moves its member is its passion to help make the agri-food industry a more sustainable place for everyone. In this company there is a shared common interest, to make a social impact of the industry in people’s life, over the years, we have learned to be less hierarchical and rigid, and to be more autonomous, participative, with dialogue.

We want our employees to feel engaged and motivated in the workplace. One of the tools used is the emotional salary, a concept associated with the employee’s retribution but that includes non-economic issues, with the purpose is also to satisfice his personal, family, and professional needs.

It is very important for an employee’s good work that this one be motivated and has a satisfaction in his job to achieve continuous improvement and profitability reacting effectively to the changes that arise and ensuring we retain our talent.

This company is committed to facilitating balance between work and family life, and believes flexibility is key.

Every member of the organization will be compensated based on their roles, responsibilities, objects, and results. Blendhub should always remunerate it’s employees fairy and without any discrimination.