Blendhub is a place unlike any other
Are you passionate about food?
Are you committed to making hunger a thing of the past?
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We are eager to grow in a complex world, which makes us more passionate about helping the agri-food industry to become more sustainable for all.

At Blendhub, we share an interest in the impact of the industry on people’s lives.

Our team thinks out of the box and is always moving forward, towards our biggest ambitions.


Combining our talent and experience, we can achieve great challenges together, anywhere in the world.

Our pace is fast, and our environment is less than traditional.

We value community, innovation, and transparency.

Our values, the core of our culture
Our culture teaches us that it is healthy to want to grow and to share our success; we call that ambition. We are a young team who believe that our strategy is solid, realistic, and good for all; this is called conviction. We also believe that there is always a better way of doing things; that’s non-conformity. We care about reaching reliable results, about never letting down our guard; that’s rigour. Finally, all our actions must be accompanied by impeccable behaviour towards everyone who comes to us, as we must ensure sustainable relationships; we call this honesty.
We are open, we are anywhere
Our team thinks out of the box and is always moving forward, towards our biggest ambitions. Combining our talent and experience, we can achieve great challenges together, anywhere in the world.
Collaborative, Flexible & dynamic work style
We're willing to actively listen with an open mind; our commitment to growth is inclusive for all people, companies, and societies who share our common purpose, values and vision. We're used to working proactively and on a project basis.
Passionate about food
We are eager to grow in a complex world, which makes us more passionate about helping make the agri-food industry a more sustainable place for all. At Blendhub, we share an interest in the impact of the industry on people's lives, and over the years, we've learnt to become more solidary, participa- tory, and dialogical.
Diverse environment
Our start-up mentality and the range of diversity set us apart from other companies. At Blendhub, the average age is about 32 years old, and we come from different social £ cultural backgrounds from around the globe. Many of us are multilingual; English 4 Spanish are our main spoken languages.
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At Blendhub offers:

  • A fun, dynamic and challenging team spirit and atmosphere
  • Different career paths and continuous skills development
  • Competitive pay and incentives based on performance.
  • Project based opportunities.
  • Space to be creative and to think outside of the box.
  • Diverse, fair, and inclusive workplace.
  • And much, much more…  




Our salespeople are bridge builders. They foster and build relationships with clients based on trust, and work collaboratively to help create and improve their products, to reach local and international markets, and to optimise the supply chain, adding more value to customers’ businesses by strategically reducing costs. Their work includes strategic account planning, account development, relationship management and performance management.
It takes exceptional people to work at an unprecedented company. From visual branding to data-driven strategy, from social media to corporate social campaigns, our Marketing and Communication team crafts messages that make sure the world knows about Blendhub as the leading catalyst for innovative food companies, and our service platform #CloudBlending as the one-stop solution for powdered food.
Customer Support
When you become part of the customer support team at Blendhub, you become part of our community builders. When a customer becomes a part of our service platform, it is not only the beginning of a commercial relationship, but it also contributes to the growth of an international network of people and business around the world. Fanatical about delivering outstanding customer experience, you will not only interact with our customers in person or online, but you will also help improve our services by driving continuous customer feedback.
Data Analytics
The Data Analytics team fuels the growth of Blendhub. Pairing their insight with the power of data to make a significant impact, our data scientists carefully research and analyse big data to dream up new ways to build promising ventures, enter new markets and unlock extraordinary solutions and value for the agri-food chain today and tomorrow.
Industrial Engineering
Our Engineers turn challenges into new solutions, services and systems. From the drawing board to the start-up of a new production line, our industrial engineers use their technical and business knowledge to envision what is possible today and in the future. Their areas of expertise include processes , mechanical, automation, operational, electromechanical, chemical, food safety, quality, maintenance, production management, and health and safety compliance.
You will drive new ways of supporting our internal and external partners. Just as #CloudBlending creates value for our customers, our Finance team oversees Blendhub’s financial health and creates value for the organisation and its shareholders – both top and bottom line. They support Blendhub’s growth and work side by side with other teams to develop effective financial plans and forecasts, investment strategies, internal audits and risk management. They have an innovative edge as they are the core engine that supports our business model to evolve and provide recommendations focused on operational excellence.
Food Technology
You will bring scientific knowledge and market insights to develop recipes and applications for customers around the world. Much more than formulators, our Food Technologists and Food Designers are on a quest to help us lead the change in the agri-food sector. Born innovators, they align with our main purpose as an organisation: to feed more people in more places, in a safe, cost-effective, and sustainable way.
Human Resources
As keepers of the Blendhub culture and brand, the HR team represents the company in a spirited and professional manner. Our Global HR team discovers and develops top talent from around the world to join us.They build career journeys, growth opportunities and a work culture that enables everyone to unlock their potential and become leaders of change. Your efforts in recruitment, training, engagement & retaining, compensation and compliance, will help maintain Blendhub as a leader and continue our commitment to creating a collaborative and diverse community.
Blendhub’s Legal team faces unique and often unexplored aspects of the law. As representatives of a company that has the premise of disrupting the food industry, our Legal team provides the critical support needed to our units around the globe to ensure our services, employees, partners, providers, and customers comply with Blendhub’s high ethical and corporate standards, as well as defending the intellectual property of our business and partners. Their work includes product law, employment law, intellectual property and licensing, privacy and law enforcement compliance, litigation, corporate law and real estate law. Together they creatively apply their rooted legal expertise to overcome these challenges.

Join our Team

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