At Blendhub we believe that food powders are essential to achieve a fair and efficient distribution of food.

As of today, a third of the fresh food we produce is thrown away, after requiring 70% of our water resources.


More than 800 million people suffer from chronic hunger, while overweight and obesity go up in alarming rates.

So, how can we expect to feed a population of 9.5 billion by 2050, when today the environmental and economic costs of food production are so high? How to to distribute food and nutrition more fairly?

sustainable development objective

Blendhub’s answer to these challenges was to create a multi-localised network of food production hubs that optimise sourcing and production, allowing food producers to decrease overall costs and risks.

Blendhub is changing the global food system, making high-quality food accessible to everyone, in a sustainable way.

Why powders?

Powder-based allows customisation and can provide better and safer nutrition.

Imagine the possibilities: enriched foods, allergen-free products, high-protein, high-fibre, low sugar alternatives… The options are endless.

By deploying a food production network located in the best possible places, near raw materials and consumers alike, we contribute to the agri-food circular economy.


Our business model allows the food industry to prosper anywhere, boosting local economies while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels significantly.

We are leading the change in the entire agri-food value chain, operating in-between farmers, ingredient producers, food brands, logistic chains, and as close as possible to the end consumer.


By shortening the supply chain, we decrease the prices of final products.
This is what drives us at Blendhub towards our ultimate purpose:

to make food and nutrition available to more people, in more places.



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