Driving sustainability, and impacting the local communities

Empowering local youth and underserved communities through nutrition projects

Through a partnership between funders and non-profit organisation Yuwa India, Blendhub supplied their female soccer team with a daily nutritional shake on the football field and more than 400 girls have had measurable benefits after 6, 12 and 18 months of consumption. Ragi, a nutritious food ingredient coming from regenerative agriculture.

Ragi flour is a primarily a powder food , made out of the Ragi grain. A finger millet powder with high protein and mineral content, low fat content and high in fibre – was used as a locally available main ingredient by Blendhub to develop a unique range of food products in close collaboration with local organizations connecting farmers in India, an international humanitarian development organization PartnershipsForChange, and local entrepreneurs and RobinHoodArmy NGO and volunteers for food donation and distribution, all together executing an idea to market including the complete reevaluation of the Ragi supply chain as key to develop healthy and affordable nutrition and local development around a highly undervalued raw material.

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A global impact: Feeding more people in more places

We empower local SMEs and entrepreneurship as drivers for community education and awareness of new ingredients, connecting with the local culture and community and reinforcing the local business networks to increase local value creation

Our latest adventure

We have crafted a complete meal for you – 47 grams that can truly make an impact.

The content of this package can be transformed into a nutritional beverage, containing essential proteins, minerals, and a vitamin complex meticulously formulated to support children’s cognitive development. This product is sustainably produced, utilizing locally sourced ingredients from food producers in the United States and Mexico.

Our innovative approach leverages Blendhub’s global network of production hubs to ensure accessibility and freshness. Siemens’ cutting-edge digital technologies seamlessly integrate into our process, guaranteeing precise control and quality.

From the Portable Powder Blending unit to the cloud-connected factories, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and customizable food solutions. By incorporating locally sourced ingredients, we not only enhance the nutritional profile but also support local economies.

By deploying a food production network located in the best possible places, near raw materials and consumers alike, we contribute to the agri-food circular economy.

Our business model allows the food industry to prosper anywhere, boosting local economies while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels significantly.

We are leading the change in the entire agri-food value chain, operating in-between farmers, ingredient producers, food brands, logistic chains, and as close as possible to the end consumer.

By shortening the supply chain, we decrease the prices of final products.
This is what drives us at Blendhub towards our ultimate purpose:

to make food and nutrition available to more people, in more places.



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