Blendhub is a network of localized food-as-a-service hubs, taking food companies from idea to product launch anywhere in the world. Localized food production is all about using mostly local raw materials, adapting recipes to local tastes and needs, reducing transport of raw materials and final products, and promoting only stakeholders who add value to the product and for consumer. Food-as-a-service is all about making the tools for localized food production, available to everyone, everywhere.

We believe in empowering local and global partners to be local through transparent collaboration and promoting circular economy, which is why, for this year’s Food4Future, we have invited a few of the companies who are going local on the Blendhub platform.

Chemometric Brain provides a unique cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for food quality control with the objective of fostering the digitization of quality and supply chains to ensure food safety and prevent fraud. The software is supported by a secure digital platform in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world, with more than 150,000 NIR spectra. This platform allows to connect the different stakeholders in the supply chain and to dump and share data (product libraries) in a secure environment to facilitate comparative analysis of samples of all types of raw materials, ingredients and final products. 

The Qina platform is the first industry-leading curated database of personalized nutrition solutions offering nutrition consultancy, advisory, research and innovation services to companies operating in the food, personalized nutrition, digital health, food, ingredient and consumer health industry. Qina’s mission is to connect key stakeholders in personalized nutrition to develop evidence-based solutions that have a real health impact and benefits. 

LeanPIO is a provider of eco-efficient solutions to help companies minimize their waste and optimize their resources, thus promoting a more circular and sustainable economy. The company manages waste from collection, transport, treatment and recovery, which saves time, money and carbon emissions, benefiting companies and the environment.

Essence Food is a company dedicated to innovation in the gastronomic world. Its project revolves around the use of production surpluses to curb food waste and generate new formats of food with high nutritional value. With a perfected dehydration technique already tested among consumers, these new products retain all their organoleptic qualities even in adverse weather conditions for a long period of time exceeding 5 years.