Let’s grow together

We believe that the only way we can grow exponentially is by sharing the value.
That is why we invest ourselves in a fully collaborative model, and continuously search for like-minded partners that are willing to join forces and maximize the impact on global food systems.

Ingredient Producers

We are always open to new raw materials and to making them available to localized production. If you think your ingredients can make a difference on how food is consumed worldwide, you are in the right place.

Would you like to cater more customers within your reach and beyond? How about adding value to your products by converting them into functional blends?

Validate your ingredients with our technology Chemometric Brain and start today to reach new customers!

Freelance Food Designers

Formulators and Food Technologists have been our partners for many years.

Within Blendhub’s community, they market their recipes all around the world and develop new ones by demand, leveraging their expertise and knowledge of local markets and cultures.

If you are passionate about developing recipes that will change the way we consume food; and if you have your own formulations you would like to see produced everywhere, Blendhub is the right partner for you.

Join our transparent and non-exclusive model, where your IP is yours and yours only. You will have a steady income based on how much your recipes sell worldwide, with no limits.

Affiliate Partners

We are partnering with experienced professionals with a proven track record in the Food and Beverages industry. They are boosting Blendhub’s commercial presence around the world and expanding our hub network along with it.

If you believe our service model can benefit your network of contacts and clients, this may be perfect for you. With us, you will remain fully independent while navigating the industry in your region.

Network Hub Partners

The production hub is central for an entire ecosystem between farm and fork. You can join our network and have a hub closer to you or to your desired market, giving you the opportunity to optimize your supply chains, scale up production capacity and benefit from the labs and pilot plants we have around the world.

Our ambition is to have dozens of hubs available to customers in the next years.

Contact one of our experts now to enquire about hub deployment and franchising.

Technology Partners

Tech is what drives us from the beginning, and we are never going to stop. We work with partners worldwide since we believe that collaboration is the key to continuous innovation.

Do you have machinery, systems, hardware, or software that can help making food production safer and more efficient? Please get in touch with our Engineering and IT experts so we can build better systems together.


So, you don’t see yourself reflected in the options above? Don’t worry, we are always looking for innovative ways to optimize the global food systems and you are more than welcome to pitch your ideas. Let’s conquer the world.