A case of collaborative innovation between Blendhub and Azucarera.


Partnership is essential to develop innovative and differentiating solutions in the food industry. Azucarera chose Blendhub to improve its coatings for bakery products because it is a platform that integrates a network of expert formulators around the world, capable of identifying the best formulators to guarantee unique and pioneering products in the market with customized solutions for each specific demand.

Blendhub: From idea to market


Discover how Blendhub has been helping food and beverage startups all over the world to ideate, develop, produce, and launch their products in record time and with full support.

The world’s first decentralised food production platform


This is Blendhub’s answer for UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge in 2030. The network of manufacturing hubs enables any company of any size to produce powdered-based foods locally in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Identical facilities across the world, cloud-based technology and the most advanced data algorithms optimize the supply chain and make food products better, cheaper, and safer.

Happy Ratio: substituting junk food and meal-skipping with a healthy, tasty and easy alternative


Happy Ratio is changing the way people with fast-paced lives get their nutrition: with a balanced, convenient and flavoursome mealshake developed and produced in collaboration with Blendhub. Learn from Harsh Batra, the founder and CEO of Happy Ratio, how #Cloudlending’s technology and know-how were key to bring his products safely and sustainably into the market. Enjoy!

Huga: how a pay-per-use production model can open the world for you


Bharat Chandra, the co-founder of Huga, began with a mission: to fight obesity and diabetes in India with healthier, tasty and affordable ice cream. With Blendhub, Huga got access to a world of possibilities in raw material sourcing, product development, and go-to-market strategies. As a result, they were able to expand into new countries in Asia and the Middle East. Watch it now!

Blendhub Incubation Projects: Manduka Foods


Discover how startups can use Blendhub to go from idea to market. Fran Molina, founder of Manduka Foods, talks about his collaboration with Blendhub in this video. He explains the challenges that young entrepreneurs have when launching a new food product, the support he received from Blendhub and about our incubation philosophy. Don’t miss it!

Hub Mexico


Blendhub uses a replicable model for the deployment of its global network of hubs. All its hubs have the same structure and standards all over the world. Every hub includes one or more production units – portable factories- and other installations such warehouse, socialization areas, ideation spaces etc. They are buit under a modular structure. We introduce you the Mexico Hub.

CloudBlending launch by Henrik Stamm Kristensen


The CEO of Blendhub Henrik Stamm Kristensen presents a new business model which optimizes the relationships within the agrifood value chain. With the purpose of “Feeding the global population, leaving hunger behing”, CloudBlending helps agrifood companies to adapt to new trends offering consumers the personalized diet they demand.

The Challenge: feeding the global population, leaving hunger behind


The food industry and society share a challenge that is both huge and unique: to feed more people. The worldwide population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, we waste 1/3 of all food produced, and more and more consumers demand personalized products. In this context, Blendhub believes food powder is the key to feed more people in more places in a more just and safer way.

From static to portable


Blendhub has developed the world´s first modular and Portable Powder Blending factory (PPB) for the handling, blending and packaging of food powder formulations, ready to be operational anywhere in the world in less than six months, supported by a full-service platform, that offers everything needed to produce with highest food safety, lower costs, and no risk.

Blendhub Community: Esther Trujillo


Esther Trujillo, an independent expert in value alignment who joined forces with Blendhub in a unique food industry network.

Blendhub Community: Óscar Pérez & Humberto Cerdio


The founders of Food Networking Consulting, Umberto Cerdio and Óscar Pérez, have discovered a new way to access know-how, commercial support and technology in the Blenhub Community. They have moved beyond selling “paper recipes” to offer to their customers complete solutions.

Blendhub Community: Frank Lichtmess


Frank is a very creative and ambitious formulator who has significant knowledge of cheese formulations and he decided to become a member of the Blendhub Community. In this video he explains why.

Blendhub Community: Kirit Patel


Kirit Patel, formulator working in the Dairy industry, talks about his relationship with Blendhub and about the benefits of the Blendhub Community for the professionals who work independently in the agri-food industry.

Cinco Días Business Innovation Award


The founder and CEO of Blendhub, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, collected the Business Innovation Award by the newspaper Cinco Días. The company has developed the world’s first portable factory for the blending of food ingredients, which enables to produce them close to the raw material or the demand.

Blendhub Founder’s Story


Blendhub’s Founder and CEO, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, explains the origins of the company, 20 years ago, the challenges it has faced in the journey and the exciting new projects they are working on.

Blendhub Powder explosion


Discover why powder based food is the future to feed the global population, leaving hunger behind.

#CloudBlending by Blendhub


Blendhub presents a new approach to food powder blends as a service: Food Powder #CloudBlending.

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