One of the core values of this organization is its commitment to people. As contributors to society, every member of the company can demonstrate this value by complying with all applicable laws, upholding fair and legal recruitment and employment practices, and valuing and appreciating people within the workforce.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights helps us conduct our activities in a manner that respects human beings’ rights.

We at Blendhub respect and welcome diversity. We undertand everyone is unique and have different social and cultural backgrounds.

We must create a positive workplace that is an environment free of discrimination. Everyone in the company must be treated with dignity and respect.

All employment decisions are based on job-related criteria and regardless of person’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national/ ethnic/ social origin, gender identity, or any other applicable disability, status, age, political opinion.

In BH there are permanent and temporary workers that provide their services part-time and full time. Also, BH outsources some services to third parties.

It is important to maintain safe working conditions that help protect our employees’ health and to prevent any injuries (physical or psychic). There should be systems in place to prevent, detect and respond to potential risks.

Everyone in the company must be protected with good practices in their workplace that guarantee health and safety. This applies to members who have permanent or temporary jobs, as those who travel.

This organization is a workplace where all the members must be treated with respect and dignity. No form of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse shall be tolerated.

Harassment is any inappropriate conduct towards another person that creates a hostile, or offensive working environment, this includes any physical threat. This may be conducted regardless of the job that has in the organization.

This organization is characterized by being apolitical and non-denominational without affecting in any respect workers’ right to association.

This organization permits all members to have the freedom to accept or leave a job voluntarily. Hiring underage workers, human trafficking, and any form of modern-day slavery as in forced labor are strictly and explicitly prohibited.

It is our duty that everyone in the organization, with a labor contract or provides any other kind of service, should do it under voluntary terms and conditions.

It is the organization’s duty that everyone in the company who provides any services must be legally authorized to work in their place of stay and must facility the appropriate documentation.

It is our duty that everyone in the organization, with a labor contract or provides any other kind of service, should do it under voluntary terms and conditions.

Disciplinary policies are to follow all legal requirements and ensure every member of BH is treated fairly and consistently. There should be written disciplinary procedures for misconduct or non-satisfactory performance.

Blendhub respects and complies with all applicable laws and regulations that affect our employees and will put in place various policies and procedures to ensure that this achieved whenever and whereever they are needed.

The organization should have internal processes and programs so all the members of the organization can feel safe to speak up with their line manager and report any doubts or suggestions, furthermore, to receive an optimum investigation of their report without fear.

Positive workplace standards include providing reasonable work hours and rest days. National and local laws usually set maximum work hours and minimum rest days. Everyone shall be allowed at least one day off every seven days, and any overtime worked shall be voluntary. People may voluntarily work overtime on rest days.

Every member of the organization must have ensured legally working hours, rest breaks, and meal breaks.

We must recognize that workers have a right to “digitally disconnecting” when necessary and creating healthy habits when using digital devices. BH will provide all the tools necessary so that their employees can develop their own “well-being”.

Without an adequate delimitation between work and rest time, the phenomenon of flexibility in the provision of work can generate confusion between the professional and personal life, with important consequences for our worker’s quality of life due to technological overexposure.

For this reason, we consider that advances in digital technology should not hinder such conciliation, making respect for rest time, leave, and vacations a right of workers and a strategic objective for the Company.