What we offer


#CloudBlending by Blendhub

A win-win opportunity for everyone in the agri-food value chain in a simple pay-per-use model.



Our global network of factories adds value to all stakeholders in the agri-food industry, improving local manufacturing and giving the possibility to operate at a global scale.


Produce and commercialize your formulations as an end product, obtaining a steady income and increasing the rate of return.

Raw material and food producers

Use us as your platform to launch new products, reducing your time-to-market.

Access to the largest community of agrif-food experts on demand.

Reduce costs, optimize your logistics and improve your production efficiency.

Manage your portfolio and business peaks.

Segment your products and globalize.

All without CAPEX or investment.

Food machinery companies 

Complement your offering to reach more people interested in your products / services.


Create new opportunities in different countries using our network of hubs without CAPEX and maintaining the highest quality standards.




Your Formulation and RM.
Our High quality blending.


Our Formulation
and our high quality blending.


The RM combined with
our formulation and blending.
All included end to end.



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About Blendhub Corp. Marketing

Blendhub Corp. is a group of companies becoming a reference of innovation and technology in the agri-food sector. We want to lead a change in the agrifood value chain that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places.