Azucarera and Blendhub develop an innovative moisture-resistant bakery coating

It guarantees the consistency of the coating, preventing it from dissolving in the defrosting and baking processes.


To develop this pioneering solution, Azucarera has chosen collaborative innovation through Blendhub’s technology platform.


Madrid, 5th October 2020.- Azucarera has launched a pioneering product in the bakery segment: a moisture-resistant bakery coating that maintains its consistency and texture after defrosting. This differentiating product is the result of a collaborative innovation strategy between Azucarera and Blendhub, an innovation technology platform for the agri-food industry.

“We were looking for very concrete collaborative innovation to improve product performance and at the same time align it with today’s consumer demands. And we chose Blendhub because traditional solutions are not enough to differentiate in the food industry. We look for innovative solutions and for that we need the best in each segment”, explains Manuel Ibáñez, responsible for new products at Azucarera.

Blendhub is a platform that integrates a network of expert formulators around the world: “We identify at each moment and for each client the best formulators to guarantee unique and pioneering products in the market, with tailor-made solutions for each specific demand,” says Sergio Bravo, director of Blendhub’s production center in Murcia, where this product has been developed

“This product has emerged from the search for solutions to the problems of using sugar in the decoration of confectionery/pastry products, namely, moistening, agglomeration, dissolution with the heat of baking, etc. It is also more resistant to heat than existing products on the market and more environmentally sustainable,” explains Paco Serrano, the product’s formulator.

Collaborative innovation is a growing trend in the agri-food sector, since it allows to share knowledge and emerging technologies applied to innovation and food safety and traceability, which helps to improve competitiveness and differentiation on the shelf, while being more efficient and profitable.

This product is especially suitable for decorating long-lasting pastry products (cakes, pies, biscuits and pastries, among others) and is ideal for making frozen and refrigerated cakes.