Blendhub, a leading company in technology, innovation and sustainability at the first edition of Food 4 Future

  • The company won the award for the Best Sustainability Project in the Food Industry at the Foodtech Awards.

By 2050, the world’s population will reach 10 billion. Feeding the entire population is a challenge that cannot be tackled with traditional solutions. The first edition of Food 4 Future made it clear that only through technology and innovation will we be able to feed the population in a safe, sustainable and healthy way.

And in this context Blendhub has a lot to say, as we were visionary when implementing a multi-localized production model, closer to raw materials and final consumers, through portable factories that can be deployed and operational in less than six months anywhere in the world, for a more efficient and sustainable food production.

This infrastructure-as-a-service model was presented at the first edition of Food 4 Future. And we have gone a step further by introducing it through virtual reality, which demonstrates that technology is our main ally to continue developing a digitized platform to help any agri-food company from ideation to launch of sustainable food products anywhere in the world. At Food 4 Future, our founder and CEO, Henrik S. Kristensen, gave a keynote speech to introduce this business model and explain how digitized platforms can create value throughout the supply chain.

Our global operations manager, Pablo Ruiz Hernández, explained Blendhub’s infrastructure-as-a-service model for a more sustainable food production; and our marketing manager, Juanjo Valderrama, detailed how data are used to choose the best markets and categories to innovate and compete. Finally, Spain’s hub manager Sergio Bravo introduced Blendhub’s global service model to help create all types of recipes, with all types of ingredients anywhere in the world.

Blendhub’s business model was recognized at the Foodtech Awards with the award to the best sustainability project in the food industry, which makes us feel proud and boosts our platform-based project to which we welcome all industry stakeholders who wish to collaborate and create joint value in the global supply chain.