Blendhub and SWT accelerate growth

Blendhub and SWT accelerate growth

Blendhub is deploying a second production hub in Mexico to strengthen its presence in the region and to offer SWT’s natural and healthy sweetness solutions

As part of its strategic growth plan, Blendhub is accelerating the expansion of its operations in Mexico and North America in collaboration with SWT, a specialist in stevia blends and a direct subsidiary of Grupo Azucarero Mexico (GAM). Working with SWT will provide Blendhub´s multi-localized production network, ecosystem and customers with access to natural, healthy sweetness solutions covering many kinds of foods and beverages.

Creating healthier recipe solutions with high-quality, natural, low-calorie and nutritious ingredients, while localizing food production closer to the ingredient sources and/or the final consumer, are key factors in making these solutions more competitive and generally available to more consumers around the world.

Aiming to lead a change in the global agri-food industry, Blendhub has decided to accelerate the deployment of the new production hub next to the facility of SWT in Guadalajara, Mexico, and will launch this new hub later this year. Although part of the production capacity will be dedicated to the SWT blends, Blendhub’s services within the hub will complement the existing services offered from Blendhub’s Lerma (Mexico City) production hub and will be open to any company looking for production of food and nutritional products for sales in Mexico, North America and beyond.

Juan Cortina Gallardo, CEO of GAM, comments: “As a part of our ambitious expansion plans for the next years, being part of Blendhub´s global network of production hubs is giving SWT a unique possibility to launch new products and solutions for existing and new customers much faster than before. Additionally, being part of a global network allows us to offer our novel sweetness solutions to customers in areas of the world where we have never been previously”.

All of the Blendhub production hubs follow its global replication model and share the same high-quality industry standards. They are fully connected to the Blendhub hardware and cloud-based software, which enables perfect control of processes in any hub. In addition to these, Blendhub’s cloud-based “fingerprint” technology authenticates and traces every incoming ingredient, from its arrival through to the delivery of the final recipe to the customer, guaranteeing the agreed quality and safety parameters in every batch. These proprietary technologies also permit a standardized, accurate and safe replication of the production of recipes in any of the network hubs around the globe, while protecting the intellectual property of ingredients and final recipes at a global and local level.

Blendhub’s service-based business model empowers any company to launch new branded food and nutritional products faster, safer and cheaper as well as to enter new markets while minimising risks and costs, based on a simple pay-per-use model.

“We believe that localization of production of food and nutrition is the only way to create a truly sustainable agri-food value chain and to make sure that the value created is rightly distributed across the agri-food industry players. We are extremely happy that food and ingredient producers like SWT are seeing this as a strategic opportunity for expansion and thereby for accelerating the impact needed to improve nutrition, which remains among the biggest challenges in the world today.” – states Henrik Stamm Kristensen, founder and CEO of Blendhub.

The new hub in Guadalajara is another step in Blendhub’s strategic plan to accelerate the deployment of 50 food and nutrition production hubs around the world within the coming few years. The production network will become a direct solution to a more sustainable value chain and a fairer distribution of high-quality food products, as these allow lower production and logistics costs, enable fast launch of new products, create increased value for local communities and make quality food and nutrition accessible to more people in more places.