Blendhub collaborates with Watt’s in Chile to launch new range of Loncoleche plant-based desserts

Watt’s added two new varieties of 100% plant-based desserts based on soya and almonds to its Loncoleche vegetal line in the Chilean market. This is a totally innovative product within the Loncoleche brand’s range of alternative products that responds to a growing demand for 100% plant-based foods, a trend that continues to grow both in Chile and in other South American countries.

To innovate in this segment, Watt’s chose Blendhub because of its experience in the plant-based market and knowledge of current consumer trends; because of its wide range of formulas and recipes and local infrastructure, since ingredients are supplied from Blendhub’s production hub in Colombia, which ensures efficiency in supply and production.

Ariadna Trull, Assistant Manager of Development at Watt’s, highlights that “we have been in the Chilean market of 100% plant-based foods for about 5 years with our Loncoleche Vegetal line and this new range of products allows us to deliver an attractive alternative to consumers who are increasingly interested in exploring new options to complement their diet with other healthy plant-based foods. We have worked with Blendhub throughout the entire development process in a collaborative way, looking for the solutions that best suit our recipes and processes.

Blendhub is a platform with production centers in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and India and integrates a network of expert formulators around the world. “We identify the best ingredients and the best formulators for each client to guarantee unique and pioneering products in the market, with tailor-made solutions for each specific demand,” says Harvey Eduardo Castañeda, director of Blendhub’s production center in Colombia, where this product has been developed.

Collaborative innovation is a growing trend in the agri-food sector, as it enables sharing knowledge and emerging technologies applied to innovation and food safety and traceability. This helps to improve competitiveness and differentiation on the shelf, while being more efficient and cost-effective.