Blendhub in IAlimentos Magazine

Blendhub in IAlimentos Magazine

Blendhub was featured in an article from IAlimentos Magazine in August 2019.

Disrupting the Industry at Expo IAlimentos 2019

Leading up to the Expo IAlimentos 2019, reporter Meredith Peñuela featured Blendhub and our exhibit in the IAlimentos Magazine. Read a translated excerpt of the feature below, or find the original article in Spanish here.

Expo IAlimentos 2019, the most important food and beverage industry fair in the Andean region, brings novelties to its trade show, thanks to companies that try to mark the stop in the sector.

Blendhub, for example, will exhibit #CloudBlending, the first pay-per-use system for the production of powder mixtures at an international level. This company uses its big data capabilities and the latest production and quality control technologies to give its customers the ability to create, launch and internationalize their powdered food products.

This allows production to carry on without risk, minimal time and low costs because it seeks to transform the food value chain, making access to food safer and fairer in the world, through its experience in industrial processes. Blendhub operates with high-quality standards from Colombia, Mexico, Spain and India. Likewise, its technological applications guarantee traceability and confidentiality of ingredients and recipes in all plants.