CloudBlending at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017

CloudBlending at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017

CloudBlending is a business model which optimizes the relationships within the agri-food value chain to facilitate the development of new powder based food products and reduce their cost, both for the companies working with these components and the consumer accessing to food. From 31 October to 2 November, Blendhub will be at Gulfood Manufacturing. Any agrifood professional or company will be able to learn more about the benefits of the model.

Blendhub team will be present at Natec-Goldpeg,  stand hall 4, D2-47. People visiting the booth will know a particular use of CloudBlending: The launching of new products.


A digital transformation business model


As a digital transformation model, CloudBlending uses technology to develop ecosystems and a 4.0. manufacturing model. By combining the knowledge of a community of hundreds of agrifood experts and a global network of hubs, the model helps any company to go global producing locally without initial investment or operational costs, under a simple pay-per-use system.

First of all, it helps companies to adapt to new trends and entry into new markets and niches. Also, by boosting collaboration within the value chain, it helps them to develop B2B and B2C food products. Finally, agrifood companies can use CloudBlending to overcome day-to-day challenges: product customization, logistics optimization, or production peaks handling.

Blendhub has launched this unique model with the aim of engaging the agrifood companies in the challenge of feeding the global population, offering consumers more choices and the possibility of accessing to the personalized diet they demand.

The Blendhub team present at Gulfood Manufacting is composed by Roberto Benzi, CloudBlending Executive; Anders Fridman, CloudBlending Executive, and Olivier Navello, Formulation Manager.