Collaborative innovation with ColoPlus to launch nutraceutical food products from bovine colostrum

Collaborative innovation with ColoPlus to launch nutraceutical food products from bovine colostrum

Turning an innovative idea into a real product with potential for market success is not easy. But it is possible with the right partners on the way.

This is a case of collaborative innovation between Blendhub and ColoPlus AB, a Swedish biotechnology company developing and commercializing patented innovative nutraceutical food products based on bioactive properties of bovine colostrum and natural nutrition.

ColoPlus had a novel idea and scientific support for its formula based on bovine colostrum to help restore the immune system in cancer or HIV patients, top athletes or the elderly.

Connected with some of the leading scientists and researchers at Lund University (Sweden), ColoPlus conducted several clinical studies to enhance the benefits of colostrum as a functional ingredient. The result has been an innovative formula with proven efficacy in different studies with HIV patients in Nigeria and Uganda, who experienced considerable improvements in their immune systems.

We have the innovative and proven formula and the scientific support, how do we bring it to market?

Julia Micharina, director of production and import-export at ColoPLus, explains: “ColoPlus chose Blendhub to start production of these functional food products based on Blendhub’s wide expertise in the food market, great reputation and fast response”.

Indeed, Blendhub has more than 30 years’ experience helping food companies from idea to market launch of healthy, innovative and affordable products with a Food-as-a-Service model that facilitates production of any type of recipe with any ingredient anywhere in the world.

Market knowledge and cost optimization are key because there is no point in having a very good product if production costs make it unaffordable for most consumers.

In this case, Blendhub collaborated with ColoPlus in the development of a novel range of porridge, with bovine colostrum as the main functional ingredient.

The result is a product with beneficial health effects and at the same time tasty and appealing to the consumer.

Blendhub has collaborated both in the development of the blends and in the packaging, which is another key factor for commercialization.

“We see Blendhub as a potential partner in other countries because of their network of production hubs on 4 continents which can help us access new markets worldwide. We have elaborated a rapidly growing business plan where dynamic partners like Blendhub are of great importance”, says Julia.

Collaboration with value-aligned partners is key to accelerating innovation in an increasingly competitive food industry with changing consumer trends and more personalized demand.