Democratizing the agrifood industry: A successful networking event for international food professionals

Democratizing the agrifood industry: A successful networking event for international food professionals

By Peter Olsen, Corporate Host of Blendhub

On February 24th, Blendhub brought more than 20 food industry professionals together in Dubai in majority independent food formulators and executives of agri-food SMEs, during the first international Professional Network Day.

The event celebrated at a hotel just in front of the Gulfood exhibition, was based on the introduction to Blendhub’s new business model offering food powder blends B2B/B2C Anywhere and how this changes food production from static to portable by using the world’s first modular and Portable Powder Blending factory (PPB). As the Corporate Host of Blendhub and organizer of the event I am extremely satisfied with the results.

The participants who seek the opportunity to become part of our network, and build mutual business opportunities with Blendhub and final customers in their local markets under a signed agreement, were all very impressed with the value propositions brought forward during the event and with the objective to change the status quo of the agri-food industry and democratize food formulation and food powder blends production to enable a more just and safer access to food to more people in more places by allowing anyone to manufacture food products anywhere in the world or the value chain.

Blendhub’s disruptive value proposition “take food production from static to portable” was also much applauded due to the fact that it empowers local producers to make a local difference by providing them the same know-how and tools that large companies are using today. Local SMEs and start-ups can now use local raw materials and produce locally using local manpower to achieve local and global market entry with new food products, and grow faster with minimum risk, low production costs, and the highest food safety and quality in the end products manufactured.

Our concept of entering into the Blendhub Professional Network turned out to be very surprising but was rapidly understood and accepted. Who are not ready in a transparent world to build solid, reliable and open collaborations between independent food professionals and SMEs based on creating shared value to support a new business model offering “Food Powder Blends Anywhere”?

Blendhub’s Professional Network is composed of different agri-food industry stakeholders who share our vision and values. The relationship with them articulates under a contract base, including targets, responsibilities and revenue sharing, following the three steps defined by Navi Radjou in what he calls the network orchestration model: “Focus on local stakeholders – including not only companies and freelancers but also other organizations such as NGOs or universities-, by setting specific goals and binding the partnership with a performance-based contract”. Precisely, we used this material in our Dubai presentation where we also showed real business cases of how we introduced the first PPB in India to produce for the Middle East with great costs savings against doing the same product from Spain. We also presented how we build our relations with current members of our network and offered a specific networker case with Frank Lichtmess, who talked about his relationship with Blendhub and local food producers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a video.
We will continue organizing similar events every 2-3 months and if you want to attend our next one, or want to know more about Blendhub’s Professional Network, just contact me:

As an agrifood stakeholder who can either contribute with specific know-how, superior technology or a solid and valuable industry network, you are all invited to join our Professional Network!