Foodiq joins Blendhub’s Food-as-a-Service platform to collaborate around the development and production of novel plant-based dairy alternatives

Foodiq joins Blendhub’s Food-as-a-Service platform to collaborate around the development and production of novel plant-based dairy alternatives

Foodiq, a Nordic food tech co-manufacturer, has joined the global Food-as-a-Service platform to collaborate with Blendhub and other platform partners in the development and production of innovative and more sustainable plant-based dairy alternatives.

The agreement stems from a joint vision around the need for accelerating collaboration with increased transparency and shared value creation along the entire food value chain, helping entrepreneurs and food companies from idea to launch of affordable sustainable nutrition based on alternative proteins and plant-based powder ingredients.

Foodiq has extensive experience in serving food producers of ready-to-consume dairy alternatives and Blendhub has a long history selling technical food ingredients solutions used by food companies in ready-to-consume food products and today extends to powder-based consumer ready products supporting food industry and impact organizations.

Both companies will share their extensive experience in the formulation of recipes containing powder-based ingredients and will leverage complementary strengths to extend their service offerings to existing and new customers worldwide.

Blendhub and Foodiq share a vision and business model focused on localization to produce closer to local raw material sources and final consumers. Foodiq operates two factories, one in Finland and another in the UK, and Blendhub operates a network of multi-localized food productions hubs covering 4 continents.                  

Both companies believe in the power of standardized production infrastructure and are looking for value-aligned partners and investors for expanding production infrastructure and accelerating their respective commercialization.

Robert Savikko, Founder and CEO of Foodiq, says: “Joining forces with Blendhub marks an exciting chapter for Foodiq. This collaboration embodies our commitment to pioneering innovation and sustainability in the food industry. Together, we aim to redefine the landscape of plant-based dairy alternatives, providing accessible, high-quality solutions that resonate with evolving consumer preferences.”

Henrik Stamm Kristensen, Founder and CEO of Blendhub, says: “Collaboration with value-aligned partners is key to creating shared value in sustainable supply chains. At Blendhub we are helping to transform the global food system through localization and a unique innovation & co-creation strategy to help any food company innovate and produce any food recipe with any powder ingredients anywhere in the world, with the purpose of making nutritious and basic foods more accessible to more people in more places. Now with Foodiq linked to our platform we will be able to expand our services to ready-to-consume food products in other areas of the world, which will help us continue to achieve our goals”.

About Foodiq

Foodiq is a Nordic company with the mission to create a better future food system. Foodiq is a unique food tech co-manufacturer offering product development and production capacity in its production lines of plant-based dairy, extrusion and powders for superfoods, powder-mixes, and ready-to-cook food recipes. Foodiq fosters innovation to develop tasty, commercially viable plant-based alternative through its unique production methodology Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) and its extensive experience in R&D and product development. Foodiq works with a wide range of Nordic and global customers from established large food companies to all-new start-ups.

Foodiq believes in local production, so instead of building globally serving mega factories, the company builds efficient local factories to utilize local ingredients and knowledge, while improving self-sufficiency as well as reducing carbon footprint in food production.

Foodiq calls this Plant-based 2.0 as a Service with the purpose of creating a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet.

About Blendhub

Blendhub is a global enterprise that operates through a platform-based business model, utilizing a worldwide network of food production hubs strategically located across four continents. This innovative approach allows for the digitization and quality control of both food ingredient inputs and final product outputs. As a pioneer in Food-as-a-Service (FaaS), Blendhub facilitates the entire journey from concept to market launch for powder-based foods and personalized nutrition products. Blendhub specializes in transforming powder-based food ingredients into a variety of ready-to-consume formats, such as liquids, solids, or gels.

The Food-as-a-Service movement, championed by Blendhub, is rooted in innovation and collaborative creation. It involves crafting any recipe that includes powder-based food ingredients, achieved through unique project opportunities and comprehensive solutions. This process is enriched by a global network of partners who share Blendhub’s values, from farmer associations and ingredient suppliers to food formulators, creators of food quality models, providers of food machinery and technology, and food brands. Together, they are dedicated to delivering healthy, affordable food and personalized nutrition to consumers worldwide.