Ice cream industry in India: optimizing costs and improving quality and performance

Ice cream manufacturers in India have been facing the same challenges for years when producing ice cream: it is often difficult to achieve homogenous blends and smooth, creamy textures. Maintaining consistency, high resistance to melting and preventing ice crystal growth is critical to obtain a high-quality final product in extreme temperatures, as experienced in different parts of the country.

Many of the current solutions currently available in the industry make the product considerably more expensive. Therefore, the big challenge is to find cost effective solutions that improve the quality and performance of the final product.

Blendhub has a long experience as a solution provider for the ice cream industry in India and is committed to supporting Indian ice cream producers in developing advanced solutions that optimise performance and costs, ensure consistency and homogeneity with the highest standards of food safety.

At Blendhub we have developed and successfully implemented ice cream solutions for frozen desserts, low fat ice cream, premium ice cream, kulfi, ice candy and sorbet. These solutions help improve melting resistance, air incorporation and body texture; ensure better heat shock stability; retard ice crystal growth and give excellent mouthfeel and flavour; and all this at below-market prices.

As experts in this segment of the food industry, we advise ice cream producers on cost optimisation and product performance and we help manufacturers develop and launch new products according to new consumer trends (no added sugar, low fat, vegan…) in less than 90 days.

India is a major consumer of ice cream. The sector is expected to grow by around 12% by 2023, which involves a great potential to innovate and grow.

In addition, our multi-localised platform, with two factories in India, provides with significant operational advantages to launch new products faster, safer and at lower costs.