Instant hot beverage solutions for the US market: an opportunity to innovate

The instant hot beverage market in the US has great growth potential but it involves a big innovation challenge for food brands. Consumers demand diversity of flavors and healthy alternatives, such as plant-based, dairy-free or sugar-free products.

The time of traditional coffee or tea with milk is over. The market for instant beverages in capsules, for vending machines or sachets is particularly suitable for innovation, as this type of drinks are mainly consumed in workplaces, sports centres… where young consumers are predominant and eager for new, surprising and healthier products that fit in with their way of life.

Can you imagine offering your consumers an instant cappuccino sugar-free with almond milk?

Blendhub offers fast and flexible innovation tools and services to meet today’s consumer’s needs:

  • Easy to prepare and consume products, such as capsules, instant or “on the go” beverages provided by the vending industry.
  • Almond and oat plant-based solutions.
  • High protein-fiber and sugar-free products.
  • Flavor customization:
    • Coffee mixes: latte, mocha, caramel, cinnamon, cookies and cream …
    • Infusions and other: chai, matcha, berries, …
    • Chocolate: dark, sweet, with vanilla, caramel, …


At Blendhub we also have extensive experience in plant-based powder solutions, and therefore we can help any food company launch innovative products in just 90 days, adapted to new market trends and at lower costs. ​

With our global network of factories, any market is at your reach. Our solutions for instant hot beverages for the US market are produced in our hub in Mexico. Producing closer to raw materials and final consumers makes it possible to optimize logistics and production, which results in more efficiency, saving time and costs.

And above all, we ensure maximum quality and food safety since we produce at FSSC 22000 certified and USA-FDA approved plants.