Introducing CloudBlending. Feeding the global population using food powder products

Introducing CloudBlending. Feeding the global population using food powder products

  • The founder and CEO of Blendhub, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, presents in the video below #CloudBlending, 


CloudBlending is the novel business model launched by Blendhub in 2017 and created around the company´s purpose of “Feeding the global population leaving hunger behind”.

Blendhub believes that food powder is a sustainable solution to feed a global population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 without leaving anybody out of the equation and to offer everybody the personalized diet they demand going forward.

Any food powder has a much longer shelf life than fresh products – and any fresh product can be turned into a powder keeping all the nutritional properties. Food powder is easy to transport and stock and can be blended and customized to meet specific requirements of industry or final consumer. Food Powder can also be produced with highest quality and safety parameters and tested in one simple control system insuring minimal contamination risk. And finally and most important,  food powder can be eaten directly, reconstituted with water or other liquids or be integrated back into fresh and ready-to-consume products.



An end-to-end optimized supply chain for food powders


#CloudBlending is an open-source model allowing any stakeholder in the agrifood value chain to create, produce and launch powder based food products anywhere in the world. The model optimizes and clarify any relationships within the entire value chain and reduces unnecessary costs by removing the WASTE – which doesn’t add value to the final food product. It allows any agrifood business to enter new markets by localizing production with a unique pay-per-use model and without CAPEX or OPEX investments.

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