Keys to capturing Growth in the Plant-Based Dairy Segment

Keys to capturing Growth in the Plant-Based Dairy Segment

The market for dairy alternatives is growing, driven by increased consumer awareness of health and environmental sustainability.

Plant-based products manufacturers need to consider a new, more flexible type of consumer, as well as other ways to innovate, be competitive and grow.

Dairy loyalty remains strong, backed by nutritional values

While dairy products continue to enjoy strong loyalty, largely due to their perceived nutritional value, a new type of consumers, the so-called Flexi-Dairy-ans, are in the spotlight. Concerned about their health, this type of consumers are not willing to give up the nutritional values that milk provides. To appeal to those who consume both dairy and plant-based a new approach is required.

A new approach: leveraging health and environment concerns

At Blendhub, we recognize the evolving preferences of consumers, particularly their increased focus on health. To capitalize on this trend, instead of positioning plant-based alternatives merely as dairy substitutes, there’s an opportunity to highlight their nutritional benefits and environmental advantages.

Keys to success: a balance between taste, texture, nutrition and cost

The key to capturing growth in the plant-based dairy segment lies in developing products that closely imitate milk in terms of nutritional values, appearance, texture, and flavor.

And this challenge is not easily achievable for any food company. The key is to strike a balance between these characteristics and costs in order to make products accessible to more consumers.

To innovate in this segment and capture its potential, a great knowledge of raw materials, trends and target markets is required.

At Blendhub, with a wide experience in the plant-based segment and a proven Food-as-a-Service strategy to help food companies from ideation to market launch of healthier and affordable food products, we have designed a range of texturizers, stabilizers, and functional powder blends to meet these criteria, offering products that are not just plant-based but nutrition-forward.

Redefining plant-based choices

Choosing plant-based is not only about avoiding dairy, but also about embracing a wider spectrum of nutritionally rich, environmentally friendly food options. Blendhub’s solutions empower food companies to make innovations that align with the consumers’ nutritional needs, ethical values, and environmental concerns, without compromising on taste or texture.