Launching a new #CloudBlending hub in  Dubai: A global solution for food powders  

Launching a new #CloudBlending hub in  Dubai: A global solution for food powders  

At the beginning of March, I had the pleasure to present our next #CloudBlending hub to serve the GCC countries, to a selected group of agri-food stakeholders, including independent professionals and corporate executives of companies working in food production, raw materials delivery, and machinery services.

The globalization is forcing food companies to be international and enter new markets, where customer preferences and cultures are different. At Blendhub, we are aware of the difficulty to reach all markets and at the same time satisfy the local differences. For many years, food companies have chosen to open in local areas, with local employees, acquiring new facilities or building them from the ground, which demands a global supply chain, with subsequent delays in lead times, efficiency problems and increase of costs, among other pains.

These local areas, creates pressure in the companies’ balance sheets even before starting to sell. This makes products more expensive and difficult to bring to the market and, of course, leaves aside many consumers who don’t have access to food. Today, over 800 million people. The main challenge of agri-food sector.

Our network of #CloudBlending hubs is designed to transform food and raw material producers pains into gains. This network of food powder blending factories connected to the cloud – the next one will be in Dubai, allows them go global, produce local or relocate production at their convenience, reducing costs and time-to market, adapting production to demand and controlling peaks, and optimizing logistics without initial investment or CAPEX.

We have been transforming food powder design and manufacturing in an end-to-end supply chain service where every company/stakeholder chooses what is needed.

Our indirect channels based on local collaborators and a growing ecosystem of food professionals, our commitment to sustainable development, and transparency as the bases of trusty relationships with our collaborators are the pillars of our model, as I explain in the following video. Don’t miss it!

#Cloudblending by Blendhub from Blendhub on Vimeo.

Food Powder #CloudBlending creates win-win opportunities for everyone in the agri-food sector. Let us solve your pains.