New range of meal shakes with Isagenix in Mexico

New range of meal shakes with Isagenix in Mexico

The multinational company Isagenix, specialized in the development of nutritional products such as shakes and food supplements, with a strong presence in the markets of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, was looking to grow in the Mexican market, but faced two major challenges: the cost of logistics to import its products from the United States; and the need to offer local flavors, adapted to Mexican consumers.

Isagenix chose Blendhub to solve both challenges and develop its first production outside the United States. First, Blendhub’s multi-localized platform, with a production hub in Mexico, enables to localize production, minimizing the cost of raw materials, logistics and tariffs, thus becoming more competitive.

And secondly, Blendhub‘s food-as-a-service strategy can help any food company launch a new product anywhere in the world in much shorter times, identifying at each moment and for each client the best formulators to ensure exclusive and pioneering food products in the market, with tailor-made solutions. In this case, Blendhub developed a unique rice horchata formula for Isashake shakes.

“Blendhub has been the ideal partner for us to enter the Mexican market. Both the production processes, from formula to final product, and the quality systems exceeded our expectations,” says Scott Lyons, global director of quality at Isagenix.

Lizeth Bucio, marketing director of Isagenix Mexico, highlights that “the flavor achieved for the horchata has been a great success. This has allowed us to position quickly in the Mexican market and create a feeling of belonging among Mexican consumers”.

Eduardo Aldasoro, Regional Director of Blendhub in America, states: “This case proves how Blendhub’s innovation and multi-localized production model enables food companies to access new markets, competing as a local player in a pay-per-use model, without need for CAPEX investment”.

After this successful launching, both companies have expanded their collaboration and Blendhub is already working to support Isagenix in other markets through its network of Food-as-a-Service hubs on four continents, with the possibility of deploying a new hub in the United States to support Isagenix’s innovation strategy and growth in North America.