Processed cheese in Middle East: advanced solutions to improve functionality and cost

In the Middle East there is a strong tradition of cheese consumption, with 98% of people consuming cheese on a regular basis. Market data point to an average growth in the region of 2% in volume and 9% in value over the next three years. Consumption on-the-go, linked to a much busier lifestyle with little time to cook at home, is growing, as is consumption in fast-food restaurants.

This trend opens new business opportunities in the processed cheese market, but successful solutions must meet the market demand on functionality, appearance and cost. Besides, the price volatility of dairy ingredients can make it challenging to maintain profitability.

Blendhub, however, has extensive experience in ideation and implementation of fast and innovative solutions for cheese manufacturers, helping simplify and optimize technical and commercial processes. In addition, thanks to our network of affiliated partners, covering all stages of the supply chain (raw material producers, machinery producers, food technologists…), we can offer an integral and personalized service for manufacturers.

Our processed cheese solutions include pizza, spreadable cheese, SOS/IWS and portions, among others, allowing manufacturers to maintain the optimal balance between taste, functionality and cost:

  • Cost optimization: dairy proteins and fat reduction; yield improvement. ​
  • Simplified processing​.
  • Improved performance for high-end quality products.
  • Perfect shredding, melting and stretching in pizza cheese​.
  • Improved flexibility and melting in slices: IWS, SOS and blocks​.
  • Enhanced spreadability and texture in cream cheese​.
  • HORECA: highly functional and cost-effective recipes.

At Blendhub we focus our expertise on choosing the best ingredient suppliers and accessing materials based on functionality and synergies, which allows us to provide the right blend of ingredients for each product type. We have an experienced team of technologists to guide you through your process and recipe optimization, in order to achieve the desired results.

In the processed cheese category, we are happy to collaborate with the Natec Network, experienced in high-quality machinery and plant engineering for food production built on the joined forces of Hochland Natec GmbH in Germany, Gold Peg International Pty Ltd in Australia and Natec USA LLC. The Natec Network is the go-to partner for food processing customers around the world with high value solutions in all phases within the value chain.

Natec’s FreeSlice® for SOS (slices) and FreePack® for IWS are the ideal equipment for small or big production capacities. Blendhub and Natec offer food companies the perfect turnkey solution: the right recipe, suitable machinery and proven expertise to make processes more flexible and efficient.