Thought For Food – Live chat

Henrik Stamm Kristensen appeared in a live chat interview with Christine Gould, CEO of Thought For Foods, on May 18, 2020. Read an excerpt from the interview below or watch the interview at the end of the estract.

Christine and guests – Food production for multiple guests with Henrik Stamm Kristensen

The future of the food industry depends on innovation, technology and production in multiple changes for supply chains and making food safer, easier and more affordable for more people in more places.

Blendhub founder Henrik S. Kristensen is a visionary entrepreneur who leads change through innovation in the global food industry. As a platform developed from the heart of the food supply chain, Blendhub has fostered a network of partners and collaborators that include the same values ​​and vision for the future of the food industry. This is particularly the case with Thought For Food (TFF), an organization that defines itself as an engine of innovation for food and agriculture.

TFF invited Henrik to participate in one of their famous TFF live shows, an informal and inspiring chat with Christine Gould, TFF CEO, to discuss disruptive agrifood business models .

The multiple affected model and food powders.

Henrik first explained how Blendhub went from being a food producer to a technology and service platform for the food industry: From a recipe supplier to industry (Premium Ingredients) to the development and patent of the first portable plant (PPB) and The deployment of 7 production centers closer to raw materials and final consumers in Spain, India, Colombia, Mexico and Thailand and how this multi-contribution model contributes to food production.

“In the past, importing raw materials from India to our static factory in Spain and then distributing the final mix to our clients in the Middle East, for example, carrying out 180 days. Now producing from India we have a response time of 10 days.

“Also, by locating production we can save 20 to 50% of the price of the food product.”

Christine was interested in learning more about powdered foods: why they are important and why they are used. “Powders are everywhere, in more than 40% of the products they consume every day; It is coffee, sugar, flour… etc

Powdered foods are also related to individualized nutrition and there are many different and we are moving towards a world of individualized nutrition.

Blendhubs food-as-a-service and the future of Cloudblending

Henrik highlighted the concept of food as a service, since Blendhub is not only a food producer but also a service platform: “We are located food as a service; We have a network of suppliers and formulators to provide our clients with the most specific and specific solutions.

Christine also asked about Cloudblending, which is Henrik’s latest move towards a digitized technology platform, which ensures traceability, security and prediction in global supply chains, focusing on ingredients and food producers and the future. covering all the way to the final consumer’s mouth.

The first software technology, which has been developed and validated by Blendhub and its suppliers and customers for the past few years, Chemometric Brain  has been open since January 2020 for generic contracting and use.

“Now we are taking this and more software and we are segregating it in Cloudblending PaaS, making it available to everyone and we are inviting investors to this PaaS model because the more people participate, the faster we can optimize supply chains and security power and traceability to the final consumer and create a sustainable supply chain from seed to mouth “

Blendhub now and in the future

Other relevant topics were discussed, such as the current pandemics of Covid19, which has posed additional difficulties in food supply chains, due to transport restrictions, border closings and other related issues. In this context, the Blendhub model has been found to be effective in confirming food supply through its network of multi-device centers.

In the end, Christine thought about where Henrik sees himself in 10 years from now:

“I am a dreamer and I want everything. I want impact and I see that Blendhub has helped deploy hundreds of centers around the world because I know the volumes that are mixed and packaged, I know how the food moves: there will be more powders, more location, there will be lower prices, they will have to have a Best Quality. .. I want to participate in all that. And the only way to do it is extremely collaborative with other people. And that’s why Blendhub is a platform. And I want the food industry to become a sustainable platform “


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