Three Open Innovation experiences

Three Open Innovation experiences

When talking about Open Innovation, companies with specific programs and different practitioners normally focus on issues such as:

  • Fastest return on investment
  • Risks Minimization
  • New talent and attracting ideas
  • Searching of collaborative programs, especially in areas where a company has less experience
  • Design new products, services, experiences
  • Sharing value and vision with customers
  • Facing global challenges
  • Facility to get into emerging business and into countries

Here are three videos with three Open Innovation experiences from companies that have embraced the model.

General Mills

Jeff Bellairs, senior director at General Mills Worldwide Innovation Network (G-WIN), explains that GM uses its open innovation network to look for new partners in innovation. They have achieved new lines of products and capabilities, as well as valuable external resources.


Martin G Curley, director of Intel Labs Europe, speaks in the video about the importance of sharing value and vision with customers, academia, and other companies to foster structural changes and global challenges. Open Innovation 2.0 is about “a culture of change”, he says.


Robert Kirschbaum, DSM’s Vice President for Open Innovation, talks about emerging business areas and emerging countries. In his opinion, Open Innovation is about hunting and going out to universities, licensing offices or public partners that can offer to companies know-how and intellectual property.