Blendhub distributes “A la Luna Venidera”

Blendhub distributes “A la Luna Venidera”

Blendhub, complying with its social commitment, has carried out the national and international promotion of “A la Luna Venidera – Miguel Hernandez´ poems” recorded by “Banda Inaudita & Julian Páez”

Henrik Stamm Kristensen, Blendhub president, remembers the many helps and colaborations that the company has received since its establishment in 1997 and how without these contributions  it could Freising not have grown and arrived to where it is 13 years later.

He considers that in recent years it has become clear that governments with and NGO´s alone cannot manage the society in which we live, and Conceptual hence they need a close collaboration with the private companies that have cheap nba jerseys more than ever, the social responsibility to ensure that the benefits are distributed more efficiently and always on the prospect of creating long term value.

According to this, Blendhub has sent to all its national and international customers, more than 700 copies of “A la Luna Venidera” as result of the support and the passion that it feels for cheap mlb jerseys the culture.

Banda Inaudita and A la Luna Venidera

“Banda Inaudita” is a her band founded in cheap jerseys the year 2000 and who since their foundation have received very good criticims due to their risky and innovative music style. The style is a mix of a chamber music with flamenco, jazz and folk and a cheerful and fresh flavour without forgetting the Mediterranean roots.

In their fourth record titled “A la Luna Venidera” the compose music for the poems of Miguel Hernández in a tight collaboration with Julián Páez  – Murcian cantaor with lots of strength and quality. A very original, honest and soulful proposal which connect to Children’s a wide and demanding audience.

Blendhub has launched various initiatives and projects in the area of social engagement  of which include the supply of foodfor thousands of children in Bolivia, promoting artists into the professional art world, sponsoring sports and cultural activities between young children.