Blendhub launches its first Equality Plan

Blendhub launches its first Equality Plan

Ensuring equal treatment on the grounds of gender, race, religion, and equitable conditions and working environment.

Blendhub has implemented its first Equality Plan that ensures equal conditions for their workers, including issues aside from gender aspects, but also all those that deal with diversity, such as race or religion.

Blendhub, integrated by the companies Premium Ingredients, PPB and Allfoodexperts, is headquartered in Murcia, Spain, and present in India, Mexico and United Arab Emirates, having workers of different nationalities and cultures. For that reason, it has been considered essential to create this tool, whose operational capability will be validated in 2015 with the distinctive “Equality in the company”, that provides the Ministry of Health, Social Issues and Equality of the Spanish Government, and which currently have only 92 entities in Spain.

The first Blendhub’s Equality Plan was a turning point in the company’s internal documentation to ensure that all the documents generated include non-sexist or discriminatory language and establish procedures and protocols to ensure equality conditions in their workplaces. Within these measures for instance, a “Protocol of prevention and action for cases of sexual harassment and cases of gender-based discrimination” has been developed.

Blendhub has also incorporated a blind mechanism in their processes of recruitment. This way, the responsible for the department which is offering the job would not know the sex of an applicant until the candidate is interviewed. This ensures equal conditions, between men and women, in access to employment within the group companies.

Likewise, new criteria for collaboration have been established with educational centers to encourage the development of internships performed by women in male-oriented job positions and, by men, in those traditionally feminized.

The Blendhub’s Equality Plan also includes guarantees on practices that were already present in the group’s companies, such as equal access to career advancement or measures to promote work-life balance. On this front, even facilitating family conciliation far beyond what is legally established, by helping employees deal with difficult personal situations, such as those of the illness of a relative.

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