Blendhub creates a center of excellence to optimize the management of the Food Powder supply chain

Blendhub creates a center of excellence to optimize the management of the Food Powder supply chain

By using Open Formula the company facilitates food producers transparent information about the costs and ingredients utilized in the food powder blends

Blendhub has created the Supply Chain Excellence Center as part of the company’s incorporation process into the new economic category SMART Powder Blends, which is based on open formulas. Through this center, the enterprise offers its clients a fully transparent management model of the raw materials used in food powder blends. They would always know the cost and ingredients used in these products and, thus, compare and optimize their costs and functionality.

The new Supply Chain Excellence Center operates through an innovative business model as opposed to the black box system, in which food producers are unaware of the ingredients used in the blends they buy. Blendhub’s system allows a clearer communication between customers and suppliers and the benefits from all the links in the supply chain, connecting raw material producers and food producers, and allowing all the professionals and companies operating in the industry more information about the processes that take place between the two ends.

Through the Open Formula, raw materials producers will receive market feedback regarding their products, while food producers will have a shorter, safer and better alignment to their supply chain, optimizing the raw materials, transportation and tariffs costs of their products.

Working according to the principles of flexibility and transparency, the Supply Chain Excellence Center of Blendhub offers services focused on two types of customers: Those hiring the open formulas of the company and those who want to optimize the supply chain of their own products. These two options are implemented through two service packages called “Our Formula” and “Your Formula”.

The food producers operating with the services of “Our Formula” are able to know at any moment their costs to optimize themselves depending on the market situation, while those that contract the services of “Your Formula” will fully or partially manage their supply chain through Blendhub, with the same conditions of transparency. This means that Blendhub takes on the challenge to improve or cheapen their products with new suppliers, tariff codes, and support and advice about locations to perform the blending process.

The new Supply Chain Excellence Center of Blendhub has a map of raw materials enabling it to provide its customers an international list of suppliers for each raw material as well as information on the different qualities, prices and locations. This company’s area of activity is also responsible for the comprehensive management of the blends, seeking the best solution in terms of price of the raw materials and costs of import duties, transport, the blending and packing process, the transportation to the end user and the import duties of the blend.

Other functions of the Supply Chain Excellence Center include conducting market research and consultancy on the specific raw materials state and behavior in the market or the management of samples for testing ingredients and blends until finding those most appropriate in each case.

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