Blendhub presents its new range of services and products within the category of Smart Powder Blends.

Blendhub presents its new range of services and products within the category of Smart Powder Blends.

Offering customers cost and process transparency, flexible solutions through powder blending in portable factories, optimizing supply chain anywhere in the world or within the value chain for the food industry.

Blendhub, an innovative company started from the union of Premium Ingredients (manufacturer of food ingredients) and Blendhub (manufacturer and marketer of “Portable Powder Blending”, the first portable powder blending factory in the world), has become the first player in a new category of products and services, Smart Powder Blends.

As a pioneer of this new category of the agri-food industry, Blendhub offers its clients a complete and renewed portfolio of services, with two central themes: Open, open formulation; and Anywhere, powder blending anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain, through “Portable Powder Blending“, a complete factory, internationally patented. The union of these two concepts will equip flexibility and transparency to an industry traditionally based on black boxes.

The open formulations permit the purchaser to learn about the know-how that has been applied in the manufacturing process of the product, have more transparency in the price and reduce the number of suppliers, choosing between those who are able to provide you more value.

“Portable Powder Blending” allows quick entry and almost no risk to new markets, as the factory is operational in six months after the order and can be used anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain, reducing costs compared to a conventional plant. It also allows IP protection and the optimization of the supply chain, bringing production closer to raw materials, reducing duty fees or warehousing stock, and helping to increase production.

Based on these two concepts the new Blendhub service catalog covers a wide variety of needs for the powder processing industry; regarding both the sale of open formulations to improving the clients own formulations. These services are divided into:

Formulation. Blendhub offers customers open formulations, with the possibility of receiving the IP license within 2 to 5 years depending on the complexity of the product.

For those customers who have their own formulas, Blendhub offers consulting services to develop new functionality, improving these formulations or minimizing costs with new raw materials.

Finance. Transparency in the calculation of costs for the development and improvement of formulas, with information on raw material prices, fixed and variable costs, and the profit margin.

Arrangements for renting, purchasing and leasing of a “Portable Powder Blending” factory and cost transparency for consulting clients with their own formulas.

Supply Chain. Raw materials management service for Open Formula product buyers until a license is granted, subsequent service development and valuable feedback relative to the previous links to food production. Blendhub also provides raw material acquisition or consulting for clients with their own formulas.

QA / QC. Transparent Services for Open Formula customers before and after the license, and also for those that require it.

Blendhub makes a laboratory with the latest technology and the highest standards of quality available to its clients.

Blending & Packaging. Anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chaing, for both Open Formula clients and those interested in having a portable factory.

IT. Specialized mixing software once the formulation license is granted or access to MES or SCADA data in either raw or report form for those who do not want to own the software.