Blendhub president participates in a seminar for executives in the food industry

Blendhub president participates in a seminar for executives in the food industry

Henrik Stamm Kristensen president participates in a seminar on leadership
The president and CEO of  Blendhub, Henrik Stamm Kristensen, recently participated in the seminar “The Governance of The Leader Enterprises That Endure”, organized by San Telmo International Institute and aimed at food industry leaders .

Over one hundred entrepreneurs, senior managers and members of the Management Board of major national and international companies in the sector had the opportunity to listen to speakers such as Peter Brabeck- Letmathe, president of Nestlé S.A.; Francisco Castañer Basco, president of the Nestlé Spain Board, and Ricardo Currás Don Pablos, CEO of DIA. Together they discussed current cases and trends, and analyzed their careers and their relationships to strategic issues. They also examine how they had contributed to the creation of leading companies from their areas of government.

Besides making his commitment clear to the company which was formed since 1968, Mr Brabeck- Letmathe referred to the Nestlé growth model, which is based on creating long-term value and its strategy to lead the Nutrition, Health and Wellness sector, as well as the Food and Beverage sector.

Over two interventions, entitled “Business and Management” and ” Ownership and Governance” , he also discussed issues such as the corporate values of the company he leads, its commitment to sustainable development and innovation, or the future of the food industry. In the area of Human Resources, he highlighted the commitment of the staff of Nestlé. “If you select personnel in accordance with your values, you have people come together around the same values, and eventually this is noticed within an organization ,” he said .

In addition, he agreed with the president of Blendhub that they are small and medium enterprises that champion the disruptive innovation . “Disruptive innovation does not pass in the center of large companies, it happens in the periphery”, he said before talking about how Nestlé had opened its innovation centers to collaborate with external partners and universities, besides financially supporting various start- ups, to not lose this opportunity.

Meanwhile, Mr Castañer Basco, discussed the evolution of the company and its linear business and brands, while Mr Currás spoke of the Día’s process of entry to the stock market and highlighted the role of communications for the proper functioning of a company.

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