Finland and collaborative models

Finland and collaborative models

I found an interesting article titled: “Finland is about to start using crowdsourcing to create new laws”. It talks about the use of technology in collaborative models for a more direct democratic approach.

Finland relies on technology to develop a new political collaborative model able to respond to the challenges of a new model of society. Specifically, David Meyer explains that the Finish Government has decided to create a platform called the Open Ministry. This is a second step after an action taken earlier this year (The citizens’ initiative, that you can consult on this link). The Government has authorized registered voters to introduce new laws directly into the Finish parliament. They only require the support of a total of 50,000 people in six months.

An open approach

The Open Ministry founder Joonas Pekkanen explains that the system verifies people’s identity through the APIs offered by banks and mobile operators. This allows voters to sign the initiatives on line. With their online banking codes or mobile phones.

All this change and movement towards openness has a cultural and political basis. In his opinion, many companies need to take onboard in their organizations. I believe that is directly related to Open Innovation.