Food Powder Blends Anywhere: An Open Door to New Markets

Food Powder Blends Anywhere: An Open Door to New Markets

Fueled mainly by population growth and increasing urbanization, many opportunities are emerging in processed food especially, in developing markets, where new local players are arising. On the other hand, traditional food and beverage producers are in the need of entering new regions and segments to maintain or increase their business, that comes with increased cost or risk. And a more worrying figure: Food is not reaching 20% of the world’s population.

Aiming at contributing to a change in the agri-food industry that enables access to basic food stuffs to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places, Blendhub developed an innovative value proposition, Food Powder Blends Anywhere, to help food industry companies and entrepreneurs enter new markets and segments taking advantage of those new opportunities arising, with the minimum risk.

The majority food producers lack the resources and know-how to develop new products. Our full-service platform for Food Powder Blends Anywhere enables the formulation and production of high quality food powder blends to anybody, anywhere. It is possible thanks to the world’s first portable and modular factory for producing food powder blends, with liquid injection capacity, “Portable Powder Blending” (PPB). An equipment that allows to move production where it is needed to manufacture powder products with the highest food safety standards and quality, lowest price per kilo for any specific formulation, and a minimized operational and financial risk.

Apart from our PPB unit, our full service platform includes, among others, mapping of where to find raw materials for any formulation by using our global supply chain and logistics app, Quality control in the cloud of each ingredient and the blended product, online IT process control of our portable factory, an operational model including adapted reporting and connection to our client’s ERP, and a final project offer which can be fully executed and financed by Blendhub.

Do you want to enter new markets with minimum cost and risk? Blendhub wants to help with your challenge.