Food Powder Blends anywhere and in any format

Food Powder Blends anywhere and in any format

Fully operational: The new Blending and Packaging Excellence Center of Blendhub.

Blending food powder anywhere in the world at competitive costs is no longer a pitfall to food producers and buyers of food powder ingredient blends. By being near raw materials or distribution channels customers can optimize their products and lower their costs. The company Blendhub has just launched the Blending and Packaging Excellence Center, the third of six areas of excellence through which it offers a comprehensive service, based on the new economic category SMART Powder Blends, to food businesses.

The new Blending and Packaging Excellence Center is not only dedicated to producing powder blends, but offers a more flexible, secure and cost-effective business model than traditional blenders, through the concept “Anywhere” (in the world and the supply chain). This allows the client to increase their presence in markets that they had not been able to access due to the lack of structure or uncompetitive prices.

The new business area of  Blendhub sells food powder blends through two formats called “Our formula” and “Your formula”. The first group includes all the Open Formulas designed by Premium Blendhub. The Open formula is transparent in terms of the price and ingredients used in its composition, and the client has the option of acquiring the Industrial Property license. Through “Your formula” , the company blends the client’s formulas with an absolute guarantee of confidentiality and industrial property protection. In both cases, the blending process can be performed at the company’s production facilities or anywhere in the world as determined by the client.

Through the “Portable Powder Blending” factory, the company has the ability to open new production facilities anywhere in the world, in less than six months.

In addition to flexibility in relation to the optimal location of production, the Blending and Packaging Excellence Center has flexible payment terms, facilitating the purchase or renting of their portable factories, or giving clients the possibility to pay per kilo produced.

The existing and potential Blendhub production centers may incorporate liquid injection and allow packaging in traditional formats of 25 kg., in ” big bags” of 300 to 800 kg., or in any other format required by the client.

Several companies looking to expand or enter Asian and South American markets have shown a keen interest in the “Portable Powder Blending” plant during their visits to both production centers in Murcia and India, for developments and projects in these areas of the world.

Blendhub, we are open, we are anywhere