Smart Powder Blends, new category in the agri-food industry

Smart Powder Blends, new category in the agri-food industry

Transparency and flexibility is what the new category, Smart Powder Blends, adds to a market traditionally dominated by black boxes.

Smart Powder Blends, a new category of products/services, breaks into the agri-food industry with the aim of ending the closed formulation and lack of flexibility that currently dominates the industry.

Open (transparency in formulation and costs) and Anywhere (anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain), are the basis of this new category which improves the performance of the food supply chain, from raw materials producers, to the blenders and then on to the food producers.

On one hand, Open formulation introduces transparency in the sector, allowing food companies to have access to the know-how of their products paying precisely for what they receive, and making the supply chain smaller but more valuable and aligned. In addition, it adds improved communication channels and information sharing between food and raw materials producers leading to improvements in quality control, and the development of new products.

Only 15% of food producers are large companies. The remaining 85% are small and medium enterprises which do not have the technological capacity to have control over their raw materials and production processes, becoming the main target of black boxes and are the most affected by the current model.

Furthermore, the Anywhere concept allows the industry to produce their powder ingredients blends flexibly, anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain. The advantages of this new concept, no less revolutionary than those mentioned before being that thanks to it, companies can enter new markets quickly and with less risk, optimizing their supply chain and with total protection of their IP.

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Blendhub, a new company created from the merger of Premium Ingredients (producers of food ingredients) and Blendhub (manufacturer and marketer of “Portable Blending Powder,” the first portable factory for powder ingredients in the world), has become the first player in this new category, Smart Powder Blends.

Blendhub, set to be released this September, will provide more details about its new market concept to the industry.