Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy new year 2021!

The end of 2020 is close, and we should all be optimistic about the future, longing for a little more stability after a very hard period.

Do you realize that, despite the pandemic, we are fortunate to belong to an essential sector in the global economy, being the food industry, which never stops?

We have obviously gone through difficulties during this crisis, but since we were visionary to develop a flexible and resilient collaborative model, based on external affiliated partnerships, we have been able to react fast and adapt to the new challenges and restrictions. And thanks to you all, our customers and partners, who have trusted and understood our platform model, we have better faced this crisis together and have been able to help many of you to move production up, create inventories, or reserve capacities for later use due to the uncertainties.

What really makes Blendhub different is that we can replicate our business model to produce food faster, safer and cheaper anywhere in the world both for industry and final consumers – a truly unique capability which last September was acknowledged by Sitra and Deloitte as one among only 39 of the most inspiring circular economy solutions from around the world: https://www.sitra.fi/en/cases/the-worlds-first-food-as-a-service-platform-for-sustainable-nutrition-globally/ .

And such a recognition in a year when World Food Program has been given The Nobel Peace Prize, should make us especially proud to be part of this business model that aims at ensuring sustainable food solutions in a localized and collaborative manner, which is in fact the essence of circular economy.

In 2021 we will keep on expanding our platform model to make food available to more people in more places. And we count on you to continue changing the game in the food industry. Thank you again for your trust and support and let’s continue achieving great things together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy new year,

Henrik S. Kristensen
Founder and CEO at Blendhub