Blendhub and Nucaps partner to develop personalized functional ingredients

Blendhub, which operates the world’s first multi-localized network of powder-based food production hubs, and Nucaps, a nanotechnology development platform created in Spain, awarded as the most innovative foodtech startup in 2021, have signed a strategic alliance to develop personalized functional ingredients for the nutrition and health industries.

Nucaps and Blendhub work with complementary technologies and both stand out not only for their innovations in the segment of functional ingredients and personalized nutrition, but also for their service-based business models. With this alliance the two platforms will be able to share their technological developments, infrastructure and knowledge in order to continue innovating and capturing growth in the health and nutrition industries.

Nucaps has developed a pioneering encapsulation technology for the industrial development of nanocapsules and biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics. These natural protein capsules improve the preservation of the active ingredients, providing them with greater efficacy and stability, and are free of preservatives. In addition, the technological capacity of Nucaps enables to personalize food products and adapt the developments to an infinite number of substances, applications and final recipes.

These microencapsulated powdered ingredients (antioxidants, probiotics, flavors, essential oils, vitamins, anticarcinogens…) can be introduced into all types of food matrices and provide additional nutrients to improve health, for example, to strengthen the immune system, prevent obesity, regulate metabolism or delay aging, among others.

On the other hand, Blendhub provides Nucaps and its customers with its Food-as-a-service platform to help any food company design, produce and launch innovative food products anywhere in the world. In addition, Blendhub offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service to produce locally, closer to raw materials and final consumers, through a network of portable factories, now on four continents; and finally, it will facilitate the validation of new ingredients and formulations through Chemometric Brain’s software-as-a-service.