Blendhub facilities and products obtain kosher certification through Ko Kosher Service

Blendhub facilities and products obtain kosher certification through Ko Kosher Service

The facilities in Spain and products used by Premium Ingredients S.A., company included in the trademark  Blendhub, have achieved the kosher certification. This certification, which the company initially conducted to meet its Mexican clients’ demands, will allow it to satisfy an increasing demand for kosher-certified products all over the world.

“Kosher” is a Hebrew term that literally means “fit” or “proper.” When used in relation to food products, “kosher” means that the item in question meets the requirements of the Jewish religious dietary laws (Kashrus).

The kosher certification of Premium Ingredients S.A was carried out by the audit firm Ko Kosher Service. This agency is headquartered in the Philadelphia region, United States, with global partners in Australia, Canada, Europe and Israel and serves local, regional and global Kashrus needs from the food and beverage to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries.

The certification process consisted in a review of the products involved in the kosher certification, and the following inspection of the company’s manufacturing facilities and warehouses, conducted by the rabbinic supervisor to evaluate the procedures used.

After this achievement, the certification can be renewed yearly according to an audit plan.

Kosher is currently one of the hottest food trends. Millions of people around the world limit their food consumption according to a wide array of criteria, including health, food safety, taste, and religious or other dietary reasons. Many of these people specifically seek out the kosher symbol as a trustworthy means of ensuring that these criteria are being addressed. Premium Blendhub hopes that this certification will open up new markets for the company worldwide.

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